Sunday, November 15, 2009

Simple Tools

I started work on the tub for my book press earlier this week.  The wood needed a lot of sanding.  At first I tried this by hand using just sandpaper, then I remembered a quick tip that someone taught me as a kid.  Staple the sandpaper to a piece of scrap wood.  Not only does this give you something to grip while sanding, it'll also help avoid rounding the corners of the wood that you're sanding.

I took a quick look online to see how much sanding blocks cost.  Seems like they run anywhere from $5 to $10.  This one was made for a few pennies within about a minute, and worked great.


  1. You should get one of these:

    $40 sheet sander. It'll go 100x faster, stays flat, and takes regular old pieces of sandpaper. Useful for practically any project involving wood.

  2. Now that you mention it, I do have one of those in my toolbox. Never thought to use it on my book press. Works great for refinishing table tops though.