Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holidays, Budgets, and Randomness

Just a quick post to remind myself and my readers that this blog is here, and not really idle.  The holidays have finally come and gone, so life should start returning back to normal.  4th quarter, starting in about October, till just after New Years is the busiest time at work for me, so home projects generally sit untouched.  This year, I've also decided that the family needs to get back on track financially, so I've taken up the task of setting up a budget, and becoming more involved in keeping track of where our money goes.  The down side to this is that I'll actually see how much I'm spending on projects, which could cut back on what I do.  The up side is that I'll see how much I'm spending on projects, and maybe find creative ways to do things cheaper.

I'd still like to build the kayak starting this spring/summer.  I put a reminder for myself on my calendar for sometime in April.  If the snow is gone by that point, and the lawn has dried out enough to walk on, I hope to start by that point.  With the new budget in place, I need to remember to start saving for materials now.

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