Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kayak Fever

The last week or so has been warm in this area.  At least, it's been warm for us.  Most of the snow has been washed away and temperatures have been above freezing, so it almost feels like Spring is coming soon.  Of course, growing up in Vermont, I know better than to believe that, but it hasn't stopped thoughts of shaving my winter beard and breaking out the shorts from entering my head.  Along with those thoughts are thoughts of the kayak project that I have planned for warm weather.

April 1st is my official day for checking to see if we have "warm weather" around here.  That's the day that I have penciled in on my calendar to make an assessment of if I should start picking up building supplies, or wait another month just in case it snows again.  The recent warm spell that we've had, though, has me looking forward to the official check day.

In preparation for the project, I went ahead and ordered Building the Greenland Kayak: A Manual for Its Construction and Use by Christoper Cunningham.  Though my original plan was to follow the series of Instructables for building a Greenland kayak, all of the research that I've done points to this book as being one of the best sources for information.  I figure between the two, I should have a decent shot at building something that floats.

So what's become of my other projects?  They are still in the works.  I haven't had time or money to get the rest of the supplies needed for my book press, so the tub sits in the basement, waiting to be worked on.  My Project 365 effort is coming along nicely though, with 41 photos down, and 324 to go.  I've also been cleaning up my LEGO area some more, and building a bit for some upcoming shows, so while this blog has been quiet for a few weeks, I am still keeping busy.