Friday, March 26, 2010

Kayak Time Is Near

There's about a week to go before my official Kayak Check Day.  That's the day that I marked on my calendar to seriously begin looking into building.

The book that I mentioned in my last post arrived.  I started to read it cover to cover, and quickly realized that the build documented on Instructables is more along the lines of what I'm looking for.  The book instructions are awesome, but the woodworking skills and tools needed seem to be more than than that needed for the kayak on Instructables.  That's not to say that the book won't come in handy.  In addition to the kayak plans, it also includes sections of building a Greenland-style paddle, and accessories such as clothing.

So, will I actually begin building next weekend?  Difficult to tell at this point.  Last night we got a dusting of snow, so winter still hasn't completely left the area.  We're also entering "April showers bring May flowers" time, which means my planned outdoor work area may not be suitable for occupation till the lawn dries out.

On other project fronts, Project 365 is still ongoing.  My photo count is now in the 80s.  I also did some LEGO building, which I haven't done for some time.  By the time of my next show, I should have a completed coaling tower and sanding house for the train layout.